Let your vote be heard!! Four more years!
  • mariahcareyLet your vote be heard!! Four more years!

  • coco_bites22Csims528 u mad over a vote because he's black u mad Cus u have a few extra taxes to pay there r more stuff in the world to worry about she don't mined losing 1 fan Cus she have planty more so Unfollow her then for someone that can quote a bible vers shore do dislike for the wroung reason and u say ur a child of god ......yea ok lmbo
  • coco_bites22Shit we all hv to pay taxis I voted for him and I'm not complaining y r u ..... Just sayin
  • the_one_n_only_tori@thegoodlife_likebrooke for your information I actually voted for Obama. :)
  • beautyinabottle1256🙏 Yes @csims528
  • coco_bites22And that's good u do that I'm just sayin ur not a fan because of y she voted for Obama if ur a fan I wouldn't matter that's all I'm sayin .
  • the_one_n_only_tori@thegoodlife_likebrooke wow no class at all how sad. smh. :) :)
  • the_one_n_only_torilol. clearly ur not classy ur trashy. cursing every other word. act like a lady.. not a truck driver. @thegoodlife_likebrooke. no point in even talking to such a lowlife like urself. grow up and stop starting arguements on instagram. Dont you have better things to do with your time? Over this convo I am not even going to stoop down to your low level. :)
  • the_one_n_only_tori@thegoodlife_likebrooke. she is 10????? wow. first off i didnt know that I dont stalk peoples profiles. and if shes 10 why the heck does she have an instagram? im sure her parents would not like to see what she is writing. Maybe u, as her sister should have her delete it. shes wayyy too young to be having a page especially if she talks like that to people! I would never let my child have am instagram at 10 thats for sure.
  • the_one_n_only_tori@thegoodlife_likebrooke Dollar store? Definitely not!! I have a Michael Kors bag that prob cost more than ur whole closet so stop. and noones tryin to be "the mom". thank god im not that girls mom cuz she definitely wouldnt be talkin the way she does. Kids have NO RESPECT theae days. sad. and to think these are supposed to be our leaders of tomorrow. Im DONE with this convo im not gonna feed into this redicilous crap. Have a nice life. :)
  • the_one_n_only_tori@thegoodlife_likebrooke I paid a lotttt more than that for mine. ;) Anyway have fun arguin with yourself cuz im not gonna feed into a little child. this is my last responce so now go find someone else to argue with. If I gotta block u then ill block you. Bye hun. And God bless you. :) Have a nice day youngin. :) :)
  • tori_pellegriniNo bama
  • isabellacasalee8 more years
  • shahsjsnsjshsndn@the_one_n_only_tori I agree with u about children being so damn rude! God almighty they just need some lessons
  • glo.rian@the_one_n_only_tori you say the girl is 10 so why you arguing with her you should be the older person. Act mkre grown. You finnished arguing with one person on this post and then you argue with a little girl. I may be only 13 years old but I seem to haev more sense than you. At the end of the day meet up with the person then say something see what they do to you. If you in rhe bronx saying things like you fo now you wouldve been in a fight. Your words are reckless and you actually have time to be doing this??? Waych you try to come at me for telling you #facts like why you picking on a minor like @thegoodlife_likebrooke like that's not good. Children may be recklace but they only are reckless when theu need to.
  • glo.rianI got time for this cause I don't wanna clean my room so #thestrugle
  • glo.rianI got time for this cause I don't wanna clean my room so #thestrugle
  • lubbydubbydallWhat
  • http.m.u.f.a.s.a_I vote for Mariah carey
  • arabianceeYou're so perfect❤️❤️❤️
  • mariahsfansNow hes leavinf
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