Voting! #electionday #vote #Election2012
  • ivankatrumpVoting! #electionday #vote #Election2012

  • chaneldarcy17👌😉😘👏🙏🙌❤👊👋✌
  • atebbs76@chaneldarcy17 Oh, don't worry you haven't shut me up. I'm just through arguing with fools. Yes, my Romney may not have won, but my opinions haven't changed. And don't tell me that I have no class! @candicemag You may want to scroll back through @chaneldarcy17 first comment and read the class in that... "Anyone who would vote for Romney, especially if you are a woman, is a f*cking idiot". Nice. There's true classiness for you. Enjoy the next four years of hell...
  • chaneldarcy17I forgot you have a masters degree and still think that a woman's body will shut down if it's raped!!! You must've gone to a great college! You're parents must be so proud! Bahahahaha
  • chaneldarcy17Obama!
  • chaneldarcy17Obama!!!
  • chaneldarcy17@atebbs76 you share thoughts with someone who clearly says they are an all American GIRL, tins to grow up girls and put your big girl panties on and become real educated WOMEN!!!!
  • chaneldarcy17Time'.
  • chaneldarcy17You enjoy your next 4 years of hell, I'm optimistic about the future!!! @atebbs76 @jcwiard
  • jcwiardMaybe this time Obama will use more hopeless word phrases like" patience" and "strong" to keep us move forward more of his excuses.. @chaneldarcy17 and enjoy my next four years of hell? Lol I can't wait to hear your reaction when government puts MORE higher taxes on you and take all your hard earnings to those who actually DIDNT even try. @atebbs76 now that the election is over we're gonna worry about "moving forward" and no longer waste our time talking to ignorant and brain washed people you make out to be.
  • atebbs76@jcwiard Amen to that! I don't think I've ever dealt with such ignorant, rude bitches in my life. Wow. Unfortunately, I think it will be our tax dollars covering their pathetic, lazy lifestyles. Of course they are happy with another 4 years of a free ride.
  • chaneldarcy17Patience and strong are not "hopeless word phrases" and the next 4 years of hell comment was straight from your girl @atebbs76 thinking you know what the government is going to do in the future is just ridiculous and prediction is a fools game!!! You're the fool!
  • chaneldarcy17The only people who are brainwashed are @atebbs76 and @jcwiard
  • jcwiardTrue @atebbs76 Well this nation did rebound from president carter's term and if we get house of reps then there is still hope. #fingerscrossed
  • jcwiardLol good come back. @chaneldarcy17 how about acting less like your fake photo and more like a human being.. Try to have some "class" wontchya Barbie ;)
  • chaneldarcy17Bahahaha @atebbs76 I work harder than you'll ever work to provide myself with the lifestyle I deserve and if anyone's lazy it's you 2 girls....
  • chaneldarcy17My photo rocks you're just jealous cause you want to stalk my life! Loser! Losing!!!!
  • chaneldarcy17I act like a human being and one with good morals and virtues; I believe in same sex marriage, equality for all, women's rights, healthcare for all, higher taxes for the top upper class of America, and coming together as a nation during a crisis! And yes unfortunately idiots like you two really make me lose faith in the future to protecting all these important strides we've made to get to this point... It's actually quite scary.
  • chaneldarcy17Holy wow yes that's called humanity, the quality of being humane; kindness; benevolence
  • chaneldarcy17I have 774 real pictures, none of which random stalkers need to see! My real life is far too special to share with weirdos like you!
  • chaneldarcy17Sweetie, WE WON!!! GO OBAMA!!!! 😘
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