A week tonight Mats Sundin will be inducted into the #HHOF #Leafs
  • mapleleafsA week tonight Mats Sundin will be inducted into the #HHOF #Leafs

  • heffburtonWendel was a captain and a leader. So was gilmour. Sundin was a great player
  • doh23@thefriendlymoose the team he was most likely being traded to had he waived his NTC was Montreal so I'm glad he didn't waive it
  • thefriendlymooseWhat do you mean not jumping he left anyway after his contract Ran out the only difference is we didn't get anything for him @steckley use your head
  • kreemountain@sarahdsteer
  • trevorkotar@alnichs
  • stefan.gerardiI feel like crying..... THIS LOCKOUT SUCKS I CAN'T HANDLE NOT WATCHING THE LEAFS PLAY
  • r0cketride@torontomapleleafs man I miss this game... And this player! Hoping the talks go well and we get the players back on the ice!!
  • abi7gail@greugh maybe so but, he turned his back on his team...some legend. Hockey is about loyalty not money.
  • greugh@abig7ail he was going for a cup for himself. He gave all he could day in and day out for the leafs. It's the leafs that let him down, they never got players to feed him the puck or to receive the passes. Ray Bourque did the same for his team but never won the cup. He signed with the avs for a chance to win the cup and it worked for him. Sundin was a couple years early with the nucks. He would of been a great help for them against the Bs. He loved playing against them.
  • dannylee3KOREAAAAAAAAA
  • abi7gail@greugh That's what I'm saying...it's all about the damn cup & money...because of fuckin' Betmen, the spirit of hockey & the love for the game is almost gone in every player. I get it money talks bull shit walks but, that pissed me off. Sundin is a great player, will always be a favorite of mine but, loyal..he is not. The captain goes down with the ship. Some captain..
  • greugh@abig7ail sundin is a hockey player, not a player chained to a team. If I would have a chance to win the cup I would do whatever it takes to take that opportunity. BTW Sundin was not offered a contract by the leafs. They let him leave! For what he gives I would take him anyday! You ask him to waive his no trade clause to get picks. That's you kicking him out because he should go down with the ship? WTF? He had no choice and he made his no choice count and went to a team that he thought had the best chance of winning a cup. Hockey is all about the cup! That's what it's ALL about! That's what we play for!
  • abi7gail@greugh it is all about the cup but, just what he did was low in my eyes...all in all, Sundin is a childhood favorite but, his actions just showed how much he cared, just selfish act is all. He's a great player, miss him dearly but, that's just my opinion. Thanks for the photo likes by the way.
  • mattjlhenriquesSundin is always gonna be my favourite! Great leader on and off thr ice. Always love watching his 500th goal!
  • sean_duh_bean@zcurrie23 oh yeah sundin is finally gettin inducted!!!
  • faisal166SUNDIN!! U SWEDISH SON OF A GUN! ❤
  • dan_armstrong205sundin what a player i mean atleast he was playing....hey current leafs why do u refuse the 50/50 deal i mean if i could get 50% of what my boss makes id be happier then a pig in shit whats the deal guys
  • s_peter_#superswede
  • chacebeauYou rock
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