Anyone skating tomorrow??
  • davistorgersonAnyone skating tomorrow??

  • cirbee@nathanmanies don't act like you ain't wrong 😂. You know nothing about skateboarding 😄😁
  • nathanmaniesHell yeah, I know nothing about skateboarding. I don't know that Alex Mariajes get first this year. I also didn't know that His boondoggle part is the reason why he is famous but what I really don't know is that his nollie hurricane was the greatest trick in that part. DC is gay and Etnies is sick. @jcirbee
  • nathanmaniesHe quit etnies for a check. @jcirbee
  • cirbee@nathanmanies looks like somebody did a little research before he responded lol. By the way, Alec Majerus won Tampa am, not "Alex Mariajes" ahaha idiot kid. DC makes better shoes than etnies nowadays too, but you wouldn't know that , would you?😂. You're dun kid. I'm not gonna waste my time blowin up Davis' Instagram over some retarded comments by a poser lol
  • nathanmaniesSorry I don't know how to spell a kids name? Ha that just shows I didn't do research ahahahaha! You're calling me dumb when you can't even spell it right! Ahahahaha
  • nathanmaniesYeah because sole tech is doing research and has its separate production. They have devoted millions of hours to the study how skateboarders fall and land all to make shoes better but you wouldn't know that would you? @jcirbee
  • cirbeeI skate Emericas so I would @nathanmanies
  • cirbee@nathanmanies what didn't I spell right? Lol
  • nathanmaniesI skate etnies! So don't act all hard and shit you fucking pussy. You didn't spell dumb or done right. I can't tell by your context what you were trying to say. @jcirbee
  • cirbee@nathanmanies I'll say whatever the fuck I want to a poser bitch like you who wants to talk shit to Davis only because you're butthurt that he left a company you like. That's horse shit. You're a pathetic scrub who most likely sucks skateboarding's dick and you haven't landed your first kickflip yet. Who the fuck do you think you are to criticize someone on their decisions when they're far more successful than you'll ever be? You're just butthurt and jealous because you've always sucked at skating and cry because you'll never be as good as Davis is. PHEWW!!!😅Thats the last I'm gonna say about this. I'm not gonna waste my time listening to your naive bantering #torgykillsit #dontcrynathan #applycoldwatertoburnedarea
  • nathanmaniesThe fuck are you talking about? You don't fucking know me? Fuck you faggot. The fuck makes you think you have the right to fucking judge me? Do you know me? Have you met me? Do you feel tough? Do you feel like a badass talking shit over the social network? GO FUCKING KILL YOURSELF. GO DIE IN A WHOLE. I do skate, I can kick flip go look me up on Pheed to see me do my frost tre flip. Fuck you, ignorant cock sucker.
  • nathanmaniesActually I deleted my Pheed but hold on faggot @jcirbee
  • taylorjentssWell^
  • glorious_ignorvnt666auch
  • fatboybutter@davistorgerson and how do those comments make you feel, Davis?
  • fatboybutter@davistorgerson and how do those comments make you feel, Davis?
  • roblant@nathanmanies millions of hours? One million hours is roughly 114 years. I cant even believe im involved but its hilarious and i had to point out how dumb you are.
  • ha5280Ouch !!!
  • joshheffernan@nathanmanies get the camera mom!!! I have to show this kid I can kickflip!!!!
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