sigur rós have just now debuted a brand new song #brennisteinn in their hometown reykjavík. #airwaves12
  • sigurrossigur rós have just now debuted a brand new song #brennisteinn in their hometown reykjavík. #airwaves12

  • sasherif@omarkhairy @sarraabdallah
  • ririnadaniCome to indonesia pleaseeee 😭😭
  • bolettiiDenmark, Denmark, Denmark please🎈🎉
  • 3etlandFab!
  • annalkjaneit's so beautiful!
  • midasjintraWe'll meet in Fort Canning Singapore. Cant hardly wait.
  • didamayolWhere can we hear it?
  • marjamasDoes your country realize how many people have traveled there from all over the world to experience your art?
  • jamestelfer01My birthday present was tickets to come to your next concert! I love you Sigur Ros! ☝
  • rozinyakI've been longing for the life-time experience of seeing and hearing you live for so many years! Where else than on Iceland? I can't put my feelings into words... It was my first time :). I wish the band all the best for the future!
  • rachkicksitSeeing you guys next week, also seeing Coldplay but saving my energy for you. Have been counting down the sleeps for yonks!
  • sophieding_see u next week!
  • sophieding_@rachkicksit I'm also seeing Coldplay too...!
  • swkzmI eager to listen to brand new song!!
  • majanudin@mono_sha_ire huhuhu
  • rachkicksit@adieu_dd it's going to be a magnificent few days for us music lovers. Hope your heart can handle a beating!
  • sophieding_@rachkicksit yes! Enjoy!!!
  • sky__and__sandif Sigur Ros music inspired and improved your life..if you have visited Iceland..please check the site
    There is my campaign called "INSPIRED BY ICELAND" to raise funds and realize my dream of traveling across Iceland and print a photo book of that wonderful land. Just share my campaign among your friends it's a great help!Thank you!!!
  • imjustacutegirl101xbfhdvhtghffbvfhrhfnmf
  • imjustacutegirl101boo boo boo boo ha gay
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