Mario Williams in his return to Houston
  • buffalobillsMario Williams in his return to Houston

  • eturrentineGoooo Mario!!!
  • jpbalisteriPussy
  • miamidolphins50LETS GO BUFFALO
  • toniburnellGet It!!! GO BILLS!!
  • adnaram14👌👌
  • michaelnercessianLets go mario make some plays today
  • baconista.71He's a pussy
  • james.klipfel4Hes gonna do shit
  • thecountofsocalLets go super Mario!!!! See if that wrist operation pays off
  • henryschilling(YAWNS)
  • s_wawroGlad you finally left your tree stand you bum
  • hollyrosinskiLikin the BUTT!
  • mulahh_sWorth 100 million my ass
  • iwrite_twsr@bbwolf94 you came to buffalo for a check not to win. @ajwilliams23 you just suck period waste of depth get of the roster and fitzmagic is all a trick. Lol I'm no longer a fan bills piss me off every season waste of a team
  • macsqueebYay. One sack. Way to get all jacked up for the team didn't want to pay you. Texans = Wise Decision Bills = Garbage
  • brady_pgood job Williams! I missed the game and they lost yet he comes in and yes gets 1 sack but also 7 tackles and 2 assists! #proud #excited
  • 61yanksInstead of being one of the worst defenses in the league, we pay Mario millions so that we can be THE worst. Good job Bills.
  • aidanjohnson84EVREY SINGLE WEEk they screw something else up
  • rok7I think the wrist is feeling better.. Led team in tackles, and qb pressures, hits and sacks... This game was on the offense.. Gotta get tds.. Spiller needs more touches. Houston's a good team and I'm looking at the positives. We don't play another team this talented the rest of the way... I #BILLIEVE
  • hunandrewsC'mon why does everyone love him and what does he do nothing our defense was just as good before which isn't really good but why do we need him huh he is a waste of money whe could have cut him instead of moorman then we would have this Suckish punter and then we could hold them back
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