Come on down, y'all! (Sorry, can't resist.) @feliz_austin
  • katemissCome on down, y'all! (Sorry, can't resist.) @feliz_austin

  • weiwaboCan't wait to see all your necklaces! Your display looks awesome!
  • ciarasamesLooks awesome! Can't wait to see those brass ones on the right up close!
  • mztrzack! i can't believe i moved from austin just before you visited there - come to boston!!
  • zivikriegerSweet rug.
  • katemiss@zivikrieger a guy who visited the show told me it was genuine Navajo, as he's an expert. Sweet indeed.
  • zivikrieger@katemiss nice! Where'd you pick it up? Love the jewels btw. Do you keep stock anywhere on the eastside?
  • katemiss@zivikrieger vintage shop on Etsy. Thanks, I have stuff at Individual Medley & Myrtle!
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