just decorated my first cake
  • witandwhistlejust decorated my first cake

  • jaybendtLooks lovely.
  • mizbooshayGreat job!!
  • rockyheartsu@jasminesuee I love this cake
  • myantneeMmmm, what kind of cake is it?
  • sylvannestAwesome job on your first cake! Will you be taking up cake decorating a bit more now?
  • witandwhistle@myantnee White cake with almond buttercream icing.
  • witandwhistle@hoodyboody Thanks! Nah I'll probably just do it for special occasions. It's so much effort for something you just eat! ;)
  • sylvannest@witandwhistle it definitely is. I used to work in a cake shop and something I always encourage is for people to DESTROY the cake instead of gushing over it, too afraid to eat it. It's just food, so you may as well destroy it! I hope your cake was yummy!
  • shakira4242Mmmm that looks wonderful - love your feed )!
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