My favorite F word.
  • jason_mrazMy favorite F word.

  • aaron._mannAnd what if your not a Christian what then ? @sydneytucker1
  • jwbjnwolf_songsI'm in uk, I agree most the time to liberal and I really look up to Obama as I don't think he's an idiot or anything, I find him really really inspiring, I haven't heard anything about this thing, but I'm not letting that change how I look up to Obama but I'm not getting into a government war as its just stupid. We have the rights to go with which ever party we want, that we prefer, and should respect which ever others go with and as Christians Muslims Jews or what shouldn't go calling so and so idiots.
  • aaron._mann^
  • aaron._mannBut you can call idiots idiots though!
  • sydneytucker1How do what the girl is going to do and not do? @aaron_mann
  • sydneytucker1You guys are just horrible people and no, knowing the right thing is not brainwashing and my parents don't tell me anything. I'm just smarter than a lot of people *cough* you guys *cough*. What you guys think is horrible. I don't know how else to tell morons they're morons but I give up. Nice talking to you you can waste your breath. I'm not gonna. Have a nice day. I am a good Christain and I'm gonna stop fighting unlike you guys who thinks murderer is SO great they you will fight about it. BE LOGICAL. Goodbye.
  • sydneytucker1Oh, and I'm proud to be a republican!! So go get a life, and stop listening to YOU'RE idotic democratic liberal parents, @aaron_mann
  • chadmiller26How's that hope-y change-y thing working out for you now?
  • aaron._mann*your @sydneytucker1
  • aaron._mannDumb shit *christian
  • sydneytucker1Look who's talking I spelled Christian right. I'm over it. GO AWAY. YOU'RE annoying. @aaron_mann
  • aaron._mannGo away your 12 @sydneytucker1
  • sydneytucker1Um nice try. Maybe if you were smarter you would know I am much older. Back off. @aaron_mann
  • jwbjnwolf_is_abortion_murder@jwbjnwolf_is_abortion_murder here's an article I wrote for whoever reads this argument.
  • darkberry_alchemyYou are awesome sir
  • lilbranbro123What about in that song "fcking did it"?
  • yankeefan1996F as in Obama is F'ing this country up
  • quijadaaquiles@davidacs10 es bueno que sigas los mismos pasos que tu padre 👌🎶
  • davidaspecht@quijadaaquiles becerro😂
  • davidaspecht@quijadaaquiles becerro😂
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