Wellll looook who I found
  • chelseahouskaWellll looook who I found

  • allisterwilliamAdam is a jerk!! I will be your new boyfriend!!
  • mrobi08adam the fucking idiot!!
  • marylee2703Is it Adam?!
  • __lorealHe is going bald hard core and he is not even 30!!! Your wayyyyy too pretty with a head full of hair!! Doll you could get any man you want. Boys will always be boys.
  • lina.akolListen baby girl! You deserve way better than that Asswipe dead beat dad. Your daughter is the sweetest little thing and trust me on this one. She will become a strong hard working woman just like you. As long as you make sure you make the right decisions on who you want her to have as a father figure (besides Adam) adam doesn't know how to keep his shit together and the next girl's life he tries fuck up. I hope they show him how it feels and fuck him up real good! But keep your head up "queen" or else your crown will fall off. Cause your fans got your back 150% and we love and believe in you!
  • chanciearielleNooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Ur too amazing for him @chelseahouska
  • mrs.marshalltruslerEwww, leave it where you.found it.. Lmao jk. That's your business.
  • mrs.marshalltrusler@chelseahouska
  • madi.ck27@adamlind9
  • _mariabrothers^^^you can do so much better @chelseahouska . He talks a lot of shit about you on his IG. You're an amazing mom and don't deserve that shit!
  • iamraymondj@chelseahouska Yeah you don't deserve him, you deserve me LOL hint hint
  • crazybeautifulmjYeah Adam you should feel like the man Metaling with so many different ppls emotions wow .... Weeeee right ? @adamlind9 #unbelievable loved waking up to a screenshot of your comment below this pic... #not
  • jesspiazeaThis guy its retarded ,delet this.pic your insta dont deserve it
  • myheartstoblameOh boy no
  • mrslindsayrodriguezI would too, but only when he had hair. Bahahaha!
  • jessicalyn691He's cute
  • 1986lauraramosYuck!
  • xo_whit_xoIf ur marries why don't u delete ur exs??
  • brenna_burke_@_mariabrothers what's his ig
  • graceprincessofnyIs that Adam lol
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