Incase you were wondering
  • nerdjuice79Incase you were wondering

  • ar2dee2ooI want this for christmas please
  • mere_coWhen?? #brodydalle
  • slivergirl1I seriously can't wait for this <3
  • melhoujYeah ! 😃
  • ladyganjahOhwww
  • bamendoza03Hello! Been a fan of all ur work starting from sour puss and ur solo career. Can't wait to hear more. I say good day!
  • twistedcystsFit!
  • cherrycolacannonPssshhh I totally was! ;) @nerdjuice79 what's the word? I just got back from a trip to the Sequoias, I'd be a rad place to right music. My cousin lives up there. It's called Three Rivers, CA. My husband bought me a vintage trailer while we were up there. Plus they have lots of classic cars for dirt cheap up there too.
  • gilbykCan't wait for you to play live again so I can shoot you 🔫📷🎥
  • racheggle@nerdjuice79 literally shitting bricks in anticipation, love your stuff x
  • kiyumii_nowI'd really like to see you in São Paulo!!
  • gilbyk@_golddustwoman you must have got the wrong idea from my comment. I'm a photographer. I Shoot live music. As in shoot photos. But very mature of you ❤
  • mightysorcerer3^ahaha got em
  • annkapoulsenYeah! Waiting for it since soooo many years! :-D
  • chelsevieI'm literally dying for this. Hurry Brody! Massive love t ya <3 @nerdjuice79
  • elifcbstIts been a year man just release it already!:/
  • avdomeneghetiI precisso your CD ♥_♥
  • luke_c90Yes! yes! yes! yes! yes! yes!!!!!!!
  • shakesluhImpatiently waiting for this still.
  • cool_ghoul_I just wanna hang out with you so bad in Brooklyn.
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