• stromboPlay

  • ladydyanLets not all forget it was the king, Steven that's novel the shining was based on....the more you knowww
  • super_linWatch room 237! Amazing Documentary on all of the conspiracy theories surrounding the shining
  • kajobeRed rum
  • daveh30@ladydyan let us also forget that StePHen King was very critical of this film as it bares only a passing resemblance to the novel, and he refused to put his name on it. Thats why the title of the movie is Stanley Kubrick's The Shining. Stephen King's The Shining is a very different movie...
  • strangepandamine are creepier ;)
  • ladydyan@daveh30 excellent info 😃
  • shoe_grlMy first 'ducking-behind-a-cushion' movie! Fond memories of sleepless, anxious nights that followed.
  • littlesprrw@shoe_grl same here! I was swearing every time these girls popped up
  • hellzbellDeadly!
  • shoe_grl@madalinez Still twitch when I see twin girls
  • kagrahamCreepy, creepy little girls. However, they aren't twins. They're 8 & 10 in the movie and the one on the left is actually bigger than the one on the right. Kubrick was definitely brilliant and twisted!
  • lisa_nunnayerbiznizI have never seen this movie! What am I missing?!... I take it I shouldn't watch it alone? :/
  • misscarolinecLove this!
  • again3456Table for 1 sir?, please leave the creepy children outside...
  • tmass82Loves. Redrum and an elevator full of blood. Giasou
  • christinapotter77Where are they now - that's what I'd like to know
  • curlinandpurlin@katsopolis Halloween?
  • katsopolis@curlinandpurlin already bought the fabric.
  • ashboxxStop being so damn interesting #distractions
  • pggartenvy"REDRUM! REDRUM!"
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