Mayor surveys #Sandy damage
  • nycmayorsofficeMayor surveys #Sandy damage

  • jlo8888wish mayor cld survey all towns on the beach shores! It's disaster.
  • bigsamda1stBloomberg loving that photo op.
  • dartparkerThe Rock
  • b.folksNanny Mayor = Liberal elite
  • _brianwallaceIs the marathon back on? Off? Huge fumble on that decision big guy!
  • owlnyc:( Mayor Bloomberg!!! Don't forget the people of Brighton Beach! My uncle list his home! My dad sustained 100k loss at his business on Brighton! Please help!!
  • owlnycMy uncle also lost his home I meant!
  • taransureshWho knows when this will get fixed?😔
  • erin_callihanThere is so much destruction and thousands w/o heat, electricity & food spanning the entire peninsula. They need help -- with this weather many will not survive the weekend, it's that bad! Glad @nycmayorsoffice was there to see it first hand.
  • jodiueharaSo sad!
  • nsquare00I'm so sorry. I'm on the other coast where we've had 3 terrible firestorms (& a 4th that destroyed an old neighborhood) since I've lived here. NY has so many churches, companies, apt buildings, & other organizations that if many just sponsored a single family devastated by the storm it would help a great deal. One thing we did that children's groups could do is to collect school supplies for kids who have lost everything. For those who have lost everything life will never be the same. My BFF lost her home & it took 7 years to rebuild & all her retirement cushion & nearly her marriage. I hope someone there will try to organize people who want to help--if they knew what to do I'm sure help would pour in. Dad was born in NYC & I'd hug you all if I could.
  • ilenesakkalLooks like Sid
  • _.pxincesaaaGreat pic
  • badassjack2002Nice demolition
  • carolinawidmannDevastation!!!
  • mary_wlzNossa que demoliçāo
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