Niall having a look..
  • harrystylesNiall having a look..

  • clmagaasLouislovesHarry 🌈🏘
  • febbynadyaNIALL THOUGHT THE VIEW WAS PRETTY BUT HARRY THOUGHT NIALL WAS PRETTIER AHH @galuhstagram. i copied this comment haha
  • harper48N👏A👏R👏R👏Y👏 is👏 real👏
  • harper48@inlouisbum larry shippers are so annoying ! your proof is from what other people say is true? get a life , so petty
  • inlouisbum@harper48 there's pictures so you can step off my dick
  • inlouisbum@harper48 like hop back into your own lane with your nasty ass fake ship thanks :)
  • harper48@inlouisbum louis' back was an edit ?? proven wrong so long ago ??
  • harper48@inlouisbum just ship em as friends because im not a big idiot
  • inlouisbum@harper48 "I'm not a big idiot" clearly you are if you can't face facts. smh
  • inlouisbum@harper48 when December comes along I'm going to laugh because you'll be clinging onto your little ship lol have fun :)
  • harper48@inlouisbum i didnt pun an apostrophe or a capital i , you cant quote me if thats not what i said ,,,,,,,,, and larries have ruined the ship anyways , they cant even talk to each other now ! good work !!
  • harrys.nip.slips@harper48 fight me
  • harper48put**
  • harper48@harrys.nip.slips who are you ??
  • inlouisbum@harper48 did you just try to bash me for not capitalizing an 'i' I'm laughing you're so fucking weak stop😂
  • inlouisbum@harper48 thanks but why do they try so hard if they were only protecting a friendship ? Like ??????? Narry, Ziam, Niam, and Lilo rumors went around but the only one mngmt cared about was Larry so..
  • inlouisbum@harrys.nip.slips bruh she didn't even have a response I'm so😂
  • harper48@inlouisbum because no one ships any of them as hard ? not weak , just saying that i never said that
  • inlouisbum@harper48 oh no ! Every thing is going to shit !! Just because I didn't fucking capitalize a letter !! Holy shit wow I'm so so so sorry because obviously that was the entire point of my comment !
  • harper48@inlouisbum thanks
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