The camera difference between Nexus 7 and iPad mini is night and day
  • chrispirilloThe camera difference between Nexus 7 and iPad mini is night and day

  • macdynamiteWill probably switch from big to mini iPad. Played with mini this morning. It was awesome!
  • mahmoodshakoorI TOTALLY WANNA WIN!! Watch everyday from London!!
  • liamhavocShould I get an iPad mini or iPad 4th gen ,I will use it for reading books, watching movies, twitter ect... ,I have seen the iPad 2 but I didn't like it thanks :D @chrispirillo @chrispirillognome
  • themesopotamianIpad mini :)
  • wostagram@heyitsgman that's true
  • laurenslowinskiOh wow!
  • aseminariYour using GoToMeeting for this right...? LOL.
  • nortonwyattHaha that's funny
  • thiarajasmeetI want the iPad Mini soooo cool
  • radbinghamI'm still saving for the mini, I made the decision watching the shows. Thanks Chris! Maybe Christmas gift????
  • a_bad_tripd.....(RIGHT HERE CHOOSE MY!!!).....b
  • a1envymeeChoose me this will help me in school my music face with grandma because idont see her alot
  • a1envymeeFace time with my grandma im thanks for
  • sugrdaddy1Ipad mini for my mini me 😄
  • saadi703Agree
  • l4nce_bNever had an Ipad, I envy you Pirillo
  • joelrock79I want the ipad mini...!!
  • snazzy_drummerAll for ipad mini soon to get one At least I hope so
  • ronknightsI've always preferred Apple products.
  • joshyonceThis is my last attempt please Chris can I please win the iPad mini for Christmas it would mean a lot to me please -josh in California
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