Departures and arrivals.
  • stromboDepartures and arrivals.

  • strombo#toronto #yyz #losangeles #lax
  • pulmyearsNice one @strombo
  • melp_4*ْ jelly!!!
  • enauulove it.
  • emilyeileeen#toronto #love
  • barbarawheelIs that the suburbs of LA ?
  • littlesprrwI'm on my way next week!
  • xkakiexMy favourite is flying when people are celebrating a holiday & lighting fireworks - beautiful from the sky!
  • brookeylouwhoGood things groooow in Ontario..thanks for the beauty pic..reminds me of what I have to come home to <3 #toronto#ontario#ohhowifuckingmisshomesometimes
  • kelbelle86this will be my view soon
  • foodsalonAren't all electronic devices supposed to be turned off? :-)
  • asiatic1aka #touchingthesky #touchdown
  • ivyleinWe were at taping yesterday. Really enjoyed it. Stuart and Collins were amazing but the best part was the woman who "interviewed" you from the audience. And our hats off to your mom! @strombo
  • ivylein@strombo I can't post right now on FB. Too sad. Why did you post your latest? What was your aim? It confirms that prejudice is alive and well. My mom was a little girl when Dresden was bombed. She kept asking her Papa why the live people floating down the river were still burning when they were in the water...I immigrated in 1970 as a young teenager. Learned about hate and prejudice when the kids tied me to a telephone pole, threw stones at me and sang "Nazi". The teachers did not interfere. George, you have so much power. Use it wisely. Here's a thought. If men gave birth to our children, there would not be war. We'll never find out but I wonder. This all is written with love in my heart.
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