• ef17I am looking soooo much to see you in LONDON... But take it easy!!! Think about yourself first!!! Either way we will ALL understand your choice and will always support you!!!
  • bisleyDear Chan, Please realize how fragile/sensitive you are at the moment. Be careful and rest. There are so many people out there that LOVES you! 
  • mhofmannIt would be great if we could see you over here in Amsterdam in a few weeks.
    But first and foremost, take good care of yourself! Health is the most important thing. Take your time - hope you will be feeling better soon. Lots of moral support from over here!
  • cough25You were amazing last night in Minneapolis. We love you!
  • pobregramtrue love will find you in the end
  • nellogiovane69Be strong, you expect in Italy. Love.
  • jackieo_laChant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. It worked for Tina!!!! You go girl!! Jackie & Michael xoxoxo
  • apgregory65Being well to & for yourself is best
  • cpeters33Oh my god, take care of yourself. You are so fucking talented.
  • cpeters33Sending good thoughts your way! :)
  • keiralykourentzosHeart breaking! I am flying from Australia to see you in Paris. Please look after yourself. x
  • newdarkageLike everyone above said, take care of yourself and getting better is the most important thing. The tour can wait, your health can't. 💌
  • makeupgalmiaYou are amazing chan ! Be strong and take care of yourself first . We need you in this world ! Love young
  • minombreesjorgeQue dios te bendiga y te de fuerza, mis mejores deseos, eres luz Chan!/God bless you and gives you strength, my best wishes, you are light Chan!
  • melissaknight_84Take your time dear. Your fans will be patient 'cause we care for you. Get better and we'll see you soon. xoxo
  • sdparadiseSoigne toi bien à bientôt à Paris
  • brunofrikaJust thought I'd send some love and support. All will turn out ok. Keep this bold and amazing journey, we're all cheering and joining you.
  • gtlctdvGet well, take care of yourself, you're a part of this world, hope i can ear you in Paris soon !
  • deirdre33Take care of yourself!
  • suzzzuzzAll the best and take care. We will keep waiting you to bring your Sun ☀ to Europe!
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