The dock
  • rosieThe dock

  • beachrosebudThe dock can be replaced. Happy that you're all safe :)
  • donnamaes32Looks like our home in Toms River! What matters most is everyone is okay. God bless you and your family:)
  • hkfam5Yikes
  • lost4ever888Wow...I am glad it's only your pier.
  • lost4ever888You should invest in a floating dock/pier.
  • tattooedgirl27Awl
  • muthaof9😬
  • ccj57So sorry but glad you are safe!
  • beverly_k_hayesugh
  • nevaeva871Scary....glad you & family r safe
  • sebastian878Glad ur safe though!
  • _lyricallyky_Material things can be fixed.. glad ur all safe
  • koolcarsHope you and your family are safe 😿
  • rigo01756I hope everyone is OK lot of love from here "Oxnard cal
  • mandy_vmwI feel bad double clicking to "like" photo. So tragic.
  • flmomof8Hope everyone is well but small compared to most.
  • smac6292So sad Rosie but at least you are all safe & sound.
  • fangansThat's terrible Rosie u all keep safe
  • kathysalzSo sorry, u can be upset about it even if everyone says BE GRATFUL!! I know u r grateful, u just has a MI! Nurse Kathy!!!
  • i_am_blessed1God bless you and everyone that is affected by "Sandy "
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