Space shuttle Enterprise
  • bharm24Space shuttle Enterprise

  • walnut_iguanaoh dear
  • 321tamiYou've got to be kidding me
  • kerwoodmWow....way to take care of that gift.......
  • colinakeIt's a hurricane, idiots. Damaged a lot of things.
  • _akazh_Wish you luck .. Enterprise
  • troublinoNASA should take it back!
  • jonspace:(
  • leezbtv@colinake Hurricane, yes, but the Intrepid only kept it in a glorified tent, and not a real building...a winter snowstorm could've done the same thing to it.
  • concept0I know the custom house building that display... it not just a tent, and it is very temporary. not to mention this ship has passed in and out of orbit. it laughs at 70 mph winds. please people this was a serious storm. trust me I know. .
  • rspeedEnterprise has never traveled in space. It was only used for glide tests in the 70s.
  • bharm24Not just a storm a combo of 2 storms. Been through Andrew and Charlie. Winds were much more intense but this was much larger in size .
  • concept0ok so it was designed to do XYZ... Still im sure its fine. BUT it was a storm and it compromised a temporary structure. end of story.
  • befringen:(
  • brendan_s14@concept0 This never went into space, it was an atmospheric test vehicle used to test stresses and the nature of un powered flight on Earth. It is a real shame however, seeing such a marvel be treated so poorly. Should have gone to Houston, no reason NY needed it.
  • concept0Right because we could have predicted a storm like this. An
  • cipher_sixIf this was at NASA headquarters, it would have been housed in a weatherproof warehouse. Instead its left out in the elements. Remind me again why Mission Control didn't get an orbiter? Also, this is *model.* A mock-up. A fake shuttle. It was never designed to do anything other than look cool.
  • allennewman@cipher_six, Enterprise is not a model or a mockup. It's a real space shuttle that was built without engines or a heat shield, to prove the shuttle could glide and and land, which it did five times in 1977. It was originally planned to send it back to the factory to equip it for spaceflight but it was decided the extra work would cost more than a new one. Enterprise was built on the same contract as Columbia and Challenger and is now the only survivor of that group.
  • bigb1011It would be perfectly fine it in were in Houston.
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