• sacramentokings#ShieldofDefiance

  • landonjames23First like 😄😄😄
  • e3aln_kwt👍
  • htothevMason!
  • babyivanWhat a terrible game. How do they expect to sell tickets when they can't even be competitive
  • jb5983Changes are coming. ANYONE is tradable
  • rickshah8@sacramentokings might be the worst team even with 2 lousy wins
  • frankrizzo_Time to fire coach smart for not playing smart . This team is not working with him just look at the player's they have given up on him and so have us fans.....
  • d_sullymanIt's not the coaches fault if the players don't want to play. Smart gas been doing his part. But in the end you can't blame the coach if the kings players aren't being smart on the court and if they're not wanting to actually put in the effort to win a game. As a fan you need to stop putting the blame on the coach. Smart is a great coach and he has proved it in the past. The kings just need to actually want to play like they want to win and they need to actually start playing like a real team. They need to stop lookin like some lousy hs team out there and realize that they are actually in the NBA and need to play like it. @frankrizzo_
  • frankrizzo_I dont know why they are keeping coach smart if u watch the game u will see the player's not doing what he says and the star player's are always getting in to it with him aka dmc ... hmmm
  • hansolo_88Run kid!!! Don't be a kings fan.. A lot of heart breaks. Trying to save you from pain. Season after season it's a complete failure.. We're digging our grave deeper. Idk how long the kings will be in Sacramento. But the Sacramento community and all kings fan around does not deserve this torture. We've never came back to our glorious years. So kid. Turn now while you still can. Sincerely, the worst thing to be in the face if the earth.- kings fan.
  • foxthechicken@hansolo1129 I have a lot of respect for Kings fans. You're absolutely correct.
  • thejordantaylorhow bout a shield of winning?
  • d_sullymanSmart is a players coach man. The players respect him. They just are still young and they don't no how to come together yet. They still make rookie mistakes and they all see themselves losing. And when they see this they all try to step up and take charge if the game and that's when you see the players start trying to pull a one man show. And that ends up messing us up even more. If you have watched any games you have seen that they players do have a lot of respect for smart. Even cousins, our problem player, respects him enough to listen to what he says. We just need to actually run our offense how were supposed to and have fairy in that and we will start seein this team turn around. @frankrizzo_
  • d_sullymanAnd @hansolo1129 if your talkin bout me I can't do that. Being a kings fan is tough but I wouldn't have it any other way. To be a kings fan is to be loyal no matter what. We've had some good and a lot of bad. But when we turn around again, like I no we will, it will be all the more sweeter to be there and watch that and no that I stayed with them even when they were struggling. Being a kings fan is the best thing in the world to me man and i love our team and I wouldn't have it any other way
  • hansolo_88@d_sullyman trust me man.. I feel you.. But the way things look now?? The only thing we can do is hope. Cuz the maloofs might take the team out of Sacramento. I'm a die hard kings fan. I guess like any other kings fan were just waiting to see what happens.
  • d_sullymanYea the maloofs are horrible. I wish more than anything that they would just leave haha. They aren't doing any good here. But yea I guess all we can do is wait and see and hope things turn around. @hansolo1129
  • diannnnnnne@mackicrese
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