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  • achando#sandy #donate #iloveny(andnj)

  • mholtz14Thank you for promoting to help us here in nj
  • haileyhelms
  • theaprily🔠🙅
  • nikkilovests13Thank you! Us jersey people appreciate it<3
  • gracetagueI am a hurricane sandy victim. I started watching the lying game right before the storm and than the storm hit i still kept watching the lying game because it made me happy! The lying game ended😭 i am now devastated just like i was when my home was destroyed! To this day i am not in my house and i cant even watch new episodes of the lying game 😭😭 is there any way that it could have a chance of coming back on a different network or even @abcfamily ??? Ik u r busy and probably will not be able to respond to me but us lying game fans really want another season with an actual finale so we can now what happens. Is there any hope?
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