What's that in the background? Hint #artemisracing #ac72
  • americascupWhat's that in the background? Hint #artemisracing #ac72

  • avaesqArtemis 72!😋
  • americascup@a_esq you guessed it!
  • avaesqCan't wait to watch the racing in sf
  • jack_reiter@americascup is that the juniour 45?
  • americascup@morethanaboss18 it's an AC45, same boat that is sailed in the America's Cup World Series
  • jack_reiterya i know that im a big fan i rode with Oracle 4 awhile ago and i was wondering if that was the younger kids AC45 @americascup
  • nestes106@americascup I'm a 16 year old. I live near Newport and I'm a huge fan of America's cup. I went to Newport last year and I plan on going again this year. I was wondering if you could name some programs or give me someone I could contact to get to the sailing level that jimmy spithill is at. This would be extremely appreciated. Thank you and I can't wait for Newport.
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