7PM. Plymouth St & lower park areas flooded, water now breaching carousel. #dumbo #brooklyn #sandy
  • doorsixteen7PM. Plymouth St & lower park areas flooded, water now breaching carousel. #dumbo #brooklyn #sandy

  • doorsixteenAnd no, CNN, you can't talk to me on the phone because I'M IN THE MIDDLE OF A HURRICANE
  • drewsteinbrecheroh my
  • ddotTake care!
  • kpizmeWow, Scary! That carousel originated in my Dad's hometown, Youngstown OH. Stay Safe!
  • skiniksstay safe anna!
  • desireesoegaardphotographyOMG! Take care!
  • adena.s_s@doorsixteen hope you're safe & well 💫✨✨
  • sandrazbStay safe :(
  • kristinakarkovInsane! I just saw it on the news - yes the Danish news - now the power is of as well and people are being evacuated from hospitals with out elavators! Good to hear you're safe Anna...
  • missura@missura
  • scwright42So very sorry for your loss...I love your city...and to see something taken away, such as the Carousel and the Brooklyn Bridge Park , Reminds me of how I felt when Hugo took so much of our history and heart away with it's destruction....stay safe....we have sent SC's Task Force One Team to be of assistance...praying for all in the the path of this storm, as we really do not realize how helpless we are to mother nature until something like this happens...Sending strength through prayer from a friend in the South....
  • doorsixteen@karkovski Yes, it's very sad and scary. I'm lucky to have had a place to go and be in good health. xx
  • tarcisss😢
  • tommychenscary!
  • acblue94Crazy
  • aka_noitanAmazing shot.
  • aka_noitanAny word of how the carousel fared?
  • eveningtrainSaw this photo on ABC News special report with Diane Sawyer, which is what preempted my Jeopardy recording. But they gave you credit at least!
  • feliciamoeisBasement was where the electrical components were....completely submerged. :(
  • eveningtrainCredit went to your username, not real name BTW
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