Atlantic City is under water. The boardwalk is in the street. #Sandy
  • mike609Atlantic City is under water. The boardwalk is in the street. #Sandy

  • scratchingcoloursdamn.
  • crystalheppeOMG!!
  • heatherbruntilWow!
  • mondomandyHoly. Shit.
  • tayleonard:(
  • qtsheethts crazy. we were just on the jersey shore n AC for the beyonce concert. hoping for the best.
  • liquid_cultureThat is crazy. I hope everyone got to safety.
  • lifesuxbillrulesmy dad is there
  • elvisfan1964good luck from germany
  • keely_mcAnd it's not even high tide yet. This is so crazy I hope everyone's home is still there when this is all over.
  • zelixd_tggood luck from czech republic!
  • loladungrenholy f*cking shit
  • dre1387Crazy
  • giovanniscarpa3Good from Napoli,Italy 😰
  • mrthepeteI hope everyone in the area was out of harms way when that happened=-christ!
  • bclairehard to believe what I'm seeing! Let's hope everyone followed Governor Christie's call to evacuate
  • beggibuggigood luck from germany !
  • bohemian__blad3sThat's about 3 blocks from my home. I evacuated. This part of the boardwalk has been damaged and fucked up for years. The Hurricane just finished the job.
  • mike609@ottis_blades thanks for clearing that up. Still looks like some wood/debris is floating around. Hope your safe!
  • teh_awesome_oneThis picture is a fake!
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