Cali all cuddled up ready for #sandy
  • deenanicolemtvCali all cuddled up ready for #sandy

  • tinydancer_82Stay safe!!
  • shell_831Love ur dog dee
  • portugueseprincess143@deenanicolemtv sooo cute hope everyone ok??. I saw pics of seaside I was so :(. I really don't know anyone on the east coast. I feel bad for the kids who are going to miss Halloween Wednesday does anyone know if there will be a candy drive or another day for Halloween
  • jloprezYour show will serve as a historic reference for many of what Seaside used to look like. I can't imagine how you guys must feel. They just showed Janks and its totally destroyed 😥
  • kelspoww@deenanicolemtv what breeder did you get your yorkie from?? I'm gonna get one soon and yours is sooo cute
  • virgen2626Cute
  • aercan12@deenanicolemtv go do something useful for the jersey shore since it made u "famous" fuckin people are ridiculous
  • famous908@aercan12 since your a dumbass and don't know shit, Deena lives down the shore so i am sure she is helping the people or maybe her house is filled with water! So you shut up and stop complaining!! Why don't you go out and help my state on New Jersey!!
  • aercan12@famouslg I live in jersey u dumbass and I donated everything i have, So stfu!
  • aercan12@famouslg No u shut the fuck up! U see my comment mind your business bitch!!
  • aercan12@famouslg plus I said one thing I did not keep going on and on, that's fuckin complaining dumb bitch!
  • jaybrileyDee just saw this. Cute Lil fucker. Jasper and Cali play date 🐶🐱!
  • younglyssaso cute
  • a_random_movieOMG is that a teacup Yorkie!!! @deenanicolemtv
  • 0seatCute :D
  • darth_vayda00i have one of those but bigger
  • ohjayy20Cuuuutie.
  • alexa.jessAww that is cute
  • mplant1234Cali is so beautiful
  • mchll87Ohh she is So cuteeee!!
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