Fire in front of Beauty Bar
  • ekaiFire in front of Beauty Bar

  • k0reDamn and they threw me and Liisa out yrs ago for trying to firebreath indoors and light a small bag of magnesium on fire
  • mnbanaWTF?! Maybe it's a good thing I'm at work 😕
  • ekai@k0re oh how times have changed!
  • ekai@mnbana this was one of six we saw last night.
  • heathervescent@k0re how were you lighting the magnesium? I find it difficult to start unless you already have a roaring fire.
  • k0reI dunno it's magnesium powder in a paper bag. Seemed to ignite fine with a lighter and sunglasses - good thing it doesn't light up fast so you have time to look away :) cc @heathervescent
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