• dubjhRear "two" had the most stress, and one of the stickies was getting pulled off after the run through the jumps
  • markotkoThanks for share this man. JH rocks :)
  • puckwildVery cool, you got some ingenuity that's for sure.
  • hankishAwesome shots with this thing. How long is it?
  • dubjh@hankish about 175cm total. 110-115cm from balance point to cam, 60cm back to the PBR
  • gpjewbs5280So how did you set that mount up? Can it be done on a snowboard helmet with the hero2?
  • davouchThis is awesome, @dubjh! Thanks for sharing.Would you mind to share a shot of the whole set?
  • itshammertymePivot point or fixed?
  • dubjh@itshammertyme fixed. Hose clamp with a tiny screw connecting to a gopro clip that slides into one of their curved adhesive mounts. On the rear I had two adhesive mounts to the sides with zip ties running through the clip holes, which provided downward and lateral stability...if that helps!
  • itshammertymeAwesome gotta try that. Huge, but best angle I've seen. I like the tire-lens tickle going on in the edit. Looks fun.
  • dougsoutsideNice video today, it was sick! And how is it being an unofficial intern?
  • jake_freeman@jimmydempsey this is how the gopro was attached on that awesome vid. Props!
  • joseluispurataAwesome video!! The mount and the shots gotten from it are insane! The best ones I've seen so far with a go pro. Could you explain a bit more the fron stickie? The one with the hose clamp? And which kind of material are both tubes? How heavy is the counterweight?
  • dubjh@joseluispurata tubes are aluminum. Weight is a 24oz adult beverage in a can. I put a tiny screw through the bottom of the hose clamp that screws into a gopro clip (that I cut so it has a flat top) and slid the clip into the curved mount.
  • dubjh@flacktastic the protune firmware bridges the gap btwn 2 and 3, but the 3 is really on another level. Built in wifi is super useful, too. The biking was on Teton Pass near Jackson, WY
  • joseluispurataI finally made my own version of your stick, rode yesterday in Pine Valley, CA. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kev0r8eRTw4&feature=youtu.be
  • wza360Thanks for inspiration. Made my mount. Tried making short one without weight behind - wound work. Need longer stick and a weight. But had lots of fun testing this one http://youtu.be/b-cycWS2Ovw
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