BMW Speedometers being serviced.
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  • bavariancafeBMW Speedometers being serviced.
    #bavariancafe #bmwcaferacer #bmw #cafe #racer #speedometer #restoration #bavarian

  • kilebakerYou go to school to restore BMW's, and motorcycle mechanics in general? I'm currently trying to finish my first cafe racer (78' honda cb550), might need some more education.
  • bavariancafe@kileb123 i didn't go to school. I bought a couple of manuals and asked a lot of questions.
  • bavariancafe@michaelpaulyoung no, i've never looked into third party speedos...
  • yuriymanchikHey, glad i found your feed. I have a '77 R/75/7 and my RPM tach needle went crazy and broke off while riding. Any idea on how to fix this or do I just need a new tach? If so, where is a good place to look other than eBay? Appreciate the help.
  • bavariancafe@yuriymanchik you should find a local speedometer shop around you and have them fix it. The problem with buying on ebay is that all the speedos are used so you wont know the condition.
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