Yes, yes, a thousand times yes.
  • manrepellerYes, yes, a thousand times yes.

  • krembdelakremb@intrepidteacher
  • marukprUnless you live in a African country that only sells books in French and there's no amazon delivery :( then electronic books are the only option.
  • sophnettaYes
  • michelekang👏👏👏
  • riotboheme@erinrosenickerson Haha!
  • riotboheme@kasonwithakdotcom
  • nicolebianca_Well said. 👌
  • marinagerlachtotally agree! where's that from? would love to copy @manrepeller
  • momlifediariesLong sentence
  • alexsingerReal books are priceless and timeless and wonderful.
  • linda_park@kelliwb ;-) love for books~
  • fashionistaagOh yes. absolutely
  • jenmin1602@espiritutara I like those too don't worry :)
  • ktowndrifty240sxr20det4205150Haaa, seeing is believing.. Parallel universe ehh... Hahah, i seen ghosts/ aliens three months ago & got proof too, plus my dog reacts to em tho i cant alwayz see em... Do u believe that? Anybody else trippin or goin thru spiritual confusion & experiances?? Believe me or call me crazy,.. I am honord to experiance dis stuff.. But wtf do it all mean & anyone out there can help me, plz tell me what u know, im on a quest for knowledge & solutions in it, gotta vent too.. So anyone or any masons or voodoo specialists can consult me; ill appreciate the extra guidence or explanations yo plz... Idk.. But its ALL REAL SHIT,.. JUST RARE AND LOOOONG AGO as far as i know, so be ready non-believers of supernatural & religious.. Idk what ti believe but need to network on my wierd shit happnin.. Plz,..its like sum ppl knoe but dont tell me all... Wtf, dont ppl wanna let the world go on peacefully? Well the ancients n ghosts can help, we need to politic here my masons, artists, mc's & ppl spiritually aware of this... Its really goin down, no blasphemy or mis-info here... So plz help, eachother, me least to explain why i seen shit like that and now other ish... Why? And what they trying to tell me?
  • _____jill_____1Only time I would think a kindle is necessary is when I'm trying to eat and read at the same time.
  • cmaystephensOMG get into my undergarments, this quite knows whassup @manrepeller
  • shutupmarcie@sondriawrites
  • inesfbarrosActually, that thing about "books are too cute, they'll never disappear" doesn't quite convince me. I think the author doesn't distinguish "books" from "writing"..although I do agree the thing with books is extremely about the sentimental value they have. But good writing comes in every ways, look at your blog :)
  • thesearethedaysillmissRead this article on WSJ... Joe Queenah! Brilliant, he is!
  • torontogirl12I concur! 📖
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