Bring it on ragers! Campbell & forehead-less Brandon #sip @keenanblogger
  • taylizlouBring it on ragers! Campbell & forehead-less Brandon #sip @keenanblogger

  • nkraft5678@taylizlou follow me!
  • mevielolI saw u on Thursday! U guys were amazing! I love bring it on! It's my fav play! It changed my life! I really want to become an actress now! Campbell is my dream roll! I'm Tracy in hairspray now! Do u hv any tips for a young actress like me! I would love to be on broadway someday! I would go see Bring It On ever single day! Sorry for the long comment
  • macykaneeOmg same! @mevielol ! Taylor you inspire me ! Everyday I watch the bring it on stuff on YouTube omg I want to see bring it on again ! You were amazing!
  • ninergrl6🎶Even in a leprechaun suit🎶
  • karleyclarkkLucky mcClover
  • taylizlouThank you! :)
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