So honored to have @edyoung at The Church Conference!! Simply an amazing leader and friend. Love u Ed
  • bennyperezSo honored to have @edyoung at The Church Conference!! Simply an amazing leader and friend. Love u Ed

  • mavsfan1980Preaches a watered down Gospel, not a good leader or preacher.
  • sherroldEd young is not watered down. Read some of his books. He is a great Bible teacher. It frustrates me when people tear down men of God who are working to bring more people into the kingdom.
  • mannymoreno84@matthewtuttle I attended the Miami Campus for over a year and was heavily involved. I personally agree with you that he teaches a watered down gospel these days. His early days were on point but I believe vanity and money has taken the forefront. Not my cup of tea but we are all accountable to God at the end but I agree with you completely. But if people are being led to Christ through him then Amen! But not a good church if you have been in the faith for a long time.
  • mavsfan1980@mannymoreno84 thank you! I live in DFW.
  • mavsfan1980@sherrold like it or not, he's just like Osteen, he's a motivational speaker, not a Minister of the Gospel. I don't need to read his books, u need to read the only book that matters, the Bible!
  • josiahsilvahe brought an INCREDIBLE word! thank you for being a #bothandchurch #churchconflv
  • realmikemiller@mannymoreno84 @matthewtuttle u guys have mistaken @bennyperez 's Instagram on sharing his life with your private blogs
  • mavsfan1980@realmikemiller no I haven't confused anything, Instagram is social media.
  • dianeleehwangI agree with @sherrold! God had chosen, anointed and appointed Ed Young! How dare we criticize who He has put in place! Blessings to you @bennyperez, @wendyperez and your church this weekend!
  • crystal_sparksEd Young brought such a POWERFUL words at the night and day session!!! So honored to be a part of #churchconflv
  • wendyperezThe beautiful thing about the body of Christ is we can agree to disagree and instead focus on winning people to Jesus. How about we, as Christ followers, be the people that love others no matter what and let other people be those that don't like people because of a difference of opinion. ☺
  • bloominfunkyWell said @wendyperez 🔅
  • worldrenegadechurchLol @ the hash tag taking us to another Ed
  • worldrenegadechurchMuch love church LV!
  • melodyputnamBeautifully written @wendyperez 👍😘
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