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  • greg_shockAttack of The Nazi Fuck: Women of the Swamp Fight Back. <--- working title
  • wwoolaver#420 th like
  • clintwoodsideLooks like a more detailed Alexis drawing...
  • bfartThose figures are painted beautifully
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  • e_rod51360OI!
  • spinneyoHuh? A Nazi brothel?
  • hellyeahfuckyeah@grumpyoldhop actually raping Jews was forbidden, as was any sexual relation that might result in an impure offspring. Not saying that it couldn't have happened, but Hitler made it clear the sentence was not just a court martial but but death.
  • _rickvFrom 1967, could be a Stalag porn/erotica mag from Israel.
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  • morrisflyep, Joy Division.
  • kerwin_lives@hellyeahfuckyeah took the words right outtake mouth.
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  • carleyjayne@espanaviva... You love?
  • justindestruction@hellyeahfuckyeah Semantically, your use of the word "rape" might, in fact, mean you are technically correct; however, Freudenabteilung (Joy Divisions), brothels for guards and preferred non-Jewish prisoners, were in 9 concentration camps. I'm not saying these women had "consensual sex" with their captors, but they definitely had sex. Its also possible that the Joy Divisions were populated by gentiles. But the "prostitutes" in the 1945 documentary Memory of the Camps were all prisoners forced into sexual slavery by their Nazi captors. To say that no Jews had sex with or were raped by Nazis is a bit of an overstatement.
  • hellyeahfuckyeah@justindestruction I didn't say that it couldn't have happened and didn't happen, merely that it was highly unlikely, as is stated in my previous comment. It was clearly Hitler's policy that Nazi soldiers were not to fornicate with Jews, as they viewed them as a subhuman slave race. The Nazis kept records of EVERYTHING, and any accounts of German-Jewish sexual relations would have been destroyed or hushed up for the most part for fear of it bringing shame and disgrace on the Nazi regime. Hitler canned one of his top generals simply for marrying a girl that was a former prostitute, and had many former generals dismissed and killed for less.
  • justindestruction@hellyeahfuckyeah I'm no historian, but this exchange has prompted me to do some more research beyond post-punk pop, Hugo Boss and Leni Riefenstahl 😉. Thank you for the inspiration.
  • hellyeahfuckyeah@justindestruction no doubt. If you haven't read it already, I suggest checking out "Rise and Fall of the Third Reich." It's a weighty tome but very informative, and it's mostly put together from German documents seized by the allied forces after the war was over.
  • justindestruction@hellyeahfuckyeah I read R&T, many years ago. I was thinking more specifically of literature related to the "Joy Divisions:" The House of Dolls: fictional exploitation, but debatably based on the authors family experience and Stella: One Woman's True Tale of Evil, Betrayal, and Survival in Hitler's Germany. There was a holocaust historian on Terry Gross with a bizarre and fascinating argument that tried to explain the evolution of the "final solution" from its origins in Eugenics, Darwinian evolution, and Nietzchean self-realization. The original goal to annex "undesirables" to one of the conquered Eastern European countries turned to "humane extermination" only after the failure of the military campaign. Similarly, I recently heard of a book outlining the tremendous military successes and a detailed account of when and how the military strategy went wrong vis-a-vis the Russians. If it weren't for Hitler's tactical impatience and arrogance, America might have faced a Cold War against a reunited Austro-Hungarian-Russian axis under Hitler.
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