Almost time to go live for our @callofduty #blackops2 world launch show! Be sure to watch and tweet us :)
  • ijustineAlmost time to go live for our @callofduty #blackops2 world launch show! Be sure to watch and tweet us :)

  • joel.laymanYou look so pretty
  • davidsalashNice... Game !!! ;-)
  • mikecox88Why are you so hot... and gamer gifted? Lol
  • laxxguy3222Have bo2 lunch dvr and still watching it cause I'm still not done with it
  • lydia.nelsonAll fancy for black ops 2
  • ijustine@lonesomelouis oh well there are hundreds of vids on my gaming channel so you can watch there
  • louisthelion_Meh. I prefer a 1v1. 😛
  • louisthelion_If you think you can handle it.
  • meredithgmurphyWhats your gamer tag?!?!?!?!?! @ijustine ps: I'm on YouTube too pls look me up murphymeredith9 and my gamer tag is little UTF16
  • meredithgmurphyLittlemurf13
  • nicole_kristen1Black ops 2 sucks..
  • nicole_kristen1@teddybeahr It broke the laser on my bros xbox. and it looks like star wars!
  • skyman_q8👖🎽👗👚😘To taste in dress. Beautiful
  • shsjsjdjhendndYour Fun-nay
  • megapr0nBattlefield 3 is BETTER MUCH MORE!!!
  • noahnunez57IMA kill u with ma gavaknuckles
  • waifu.willyHot hot hot hot hot
  • shinsjay不錯
  • evanderson99Last
  • anthonymillannI would love to have the xbox one right now my family can't afford to get an xbox one for me for christmas. I'm trying to save up for one but this is a great opportunity. i currently have the xbox 360 but if i had the one i would friend you, use the money i saved up to get the lego movie game, destiny, and gta 5 lol. Hope you see this. and i currently only have $240 saved up which took me 4 months to get
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