@empirebmx @odysseybmx @sundaybikes thanks everyone for this
  • theaaronross@empirebmx @odysseybmx @sundaybikes thanks everyone for this

  • cbrookjones@theaaronross damn right! Keep shredding.
  • davidarcangeli@theaaronross so when those kids get new bikes if you happen to see you can talk smack on theirs bmx isn't for fighting its for riding with your friends and for the fun of it for gods sake just ride! No fighting
  • trev_shortHey @theaaronross you be da best😜
  • fanofthesimplelifeIf it wasn't for people like @theaaronross you guys would not know half the stuff you know how to do. It's guys like him that make you kids better. Maybe thankin him would be better than talkin shit to him.
  • jon_tardisHoly crap @ride_a_sunday calm down and let a bmx legend plan his shredding for tomorrow.
  • kylen3When u get g-sport rims from empire do they always change g-sport to empire ?
  • thomas_grasslAre you riding the antigram hub ? @theaaronross
  • brianonabike@theaaronross is why I love Bmx. Keep it coming broskie
  • kit.tattooingNice Colour Way @theaaronross ! U rock ! Do make more colourways to let people have more colour ideas for their bikes !
  • george_kersh@ride_a_sunday you are so stupid! He gets new bike parts because he needs them, bmx is his life! Have you seen how he rides? The things him and his bike go through? The falls they both take.. Stop bitching about him getting a new bike when his old one breaks, think about the pain he goes through to make some of the clips he gets. People like you ruin bmx.. @theaaronross keep going hard! (I have a sunday frame, sharing the love;))
  • chandler_mancovsky@ride_a_sunday shut down. And @theaaronross I'm coming to Austin! Hopefully next month or sometime in the spring! Hope to see you around and ride with you!
  • aaron_perozziI never said it doesn't hurt to fall but when you throw your bike cause your having troubles landing something you don't deserve a new bike. So shut up @george_kersh and @hockeyr88 and pay attention to his videos
  • chandler_mancovskyI do.... He rides bikes all day every day. It's his job. If he wants a new bike then he can get one, he's a professional. Maybe not the best in the world but it's what he loves to do so get the sand out of your vagina and move on @ride_a_sunday
  • aaron_perozzi@hockeyr88 cool story bro, I ride my bike daily too and love it but I don't throw my shit, that's why I can keep the same bike for a year or more
  • chandler_mancovskyLet me know when your as good as @theaaronross and when you ride as hard and as much as he does. And. I've had the same bike for 3 years and I have to be careful with it cause I can't afford a new one but I know I'm not as good as Aaron and I'm not a pro, I don't get paid to ride and I'm not sponsored
  • chandler_mancovsky@ride_a_sunday
  • markdcsthe new generations kind of lack respect these days. @theaaronross everytime I watch a bmx vid, my wife always asks me "where is the dude w/ a colorful bike?" keep shredding dude!
  • ethan_danielsPegs? @theaaronross
  • official_slocusWhat pegs you have I really want to know
  • garebear_scootsU have a #SexyAssBike @theaaronross
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