Another #fig image from Mom & Dad's #backyard #green #Italian for @piccolotakesall to see 
Before #hurricanesandy
  • slagravineseAnother #fig image from Mom & Dad's #backyard #green #Italian for @piccolotakesall to see
    Before #hurricanesandy

  • slagravineseLove this picture? Check out my gallery at
  • piccolotakesall😃 Oh, how awesome of you!!! ☺ When I saw you were on Long Island, I had my suspicions! My dad grew up in Bethpage, and his uncle was the big fig grower in the family. We actually have a few trees my dad started from cuttings from one of Uncle Al's trees! 😊
  • slagravineseYay! Wonderful Such great family beginnings with fig trees! Dad starts many fig trees from cuttings as well They have so much talent! Thank you for sharing
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