Beautiful no-heat Bantu knots curls.  Tutorial on cutegirlshairstyles YouTube channel.
  • cutegirlshairstylesBeautiful no-heat Bantu knots curls. Tutorial on cutegirlshairstyles YouTube channel.

  • im_a_spindian_She looks good with those waves and she has like the longest eyelashes
  • camillag15I did those curls when I met @austinmahone ! They looked great!👌
  • reem.alhamidI love she 😘😍😘
  • stephanie.channaww hers looks soo much better than how mine turned out
  • sharneeorourkeI did this last night it turned out great especially cause my hair is dead straight and I love it curly and now I don't have to stand there every morning curling it:) I tagged u in a pic so u could see what it came out like because my hair is super long and fine :)
  • emi.miko:O that's how mine looks naturally! I hate it on me but it looks so cute on her (:
  • rudyvb_braidsThis no heat curls works for me the best because i have very curly wavy hair its so depressing but this curls are georges
  • blttersweetI did this, and it turned out amazingly, but apparently my hair doesn't like being curly and it rebelled. So by the end of the day my hair was flat and straight. :(
  • love_unicorns_101The bun hawk i think @emaffs23
  • meghan.18@emaffs23 type in cute girls hairstyles and the banto nots dident work on me
  • kaitlynbabyyI did that last night my curls are so bouncy
  • alyssamikesellI am just doing this tonight!
  • macbarbie07bethanyfanpageSo awesome did this last night
  • katerawlins_I also did this last night!
  • abraarwI love this girl 😘
  • dee.harbiI adore her face 💚❤💚❤
  • shoushxNaice$♥**
  • leanne.michDid this today!
  • thecoolestmomaliveYou and your daughter are gorgeous! You live a very charmed life! I am so jealous!
  • astridpestanaI have done this hair style and it was so great but then wen i was brushing ny hair to get it out it was all broken and all mesy, i dont no what i did bad. So then i had to wash it and i have to put the "vive hidratation"
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