Cool to wake up to this morning!
  • cpsevenCool to wake up to this morning!

  • shel_hGreat game yesterday!
  • ay_amyyangYou played great yesterday!!! Congrats on the big win and making many Vikings fans proud (including me) ♥♥♥ @cpseven
  • cody_a54Just in case you were interested, I passed Kluwe on the way into work this morning. Guy drives like a maniac!
  • kayblinkyLol @deercats
  • kayblinkyDoesn't look too much like florida huh?
  • manbradcalfGreat win! Keep it up. I don't think you can fully fathom how much of a legend you'll be if you get the vikes their first ring.
  • dalycious7@evanbleeker got that right! Lets come back stronger after the bye and make a statement in the last half of the season and a strong playoff run. Also this looks like a lovely way to start the bye week snow and all
  • meganelizabethdiamondstay cozy during your bye week & rest up for the rest of the season. you were wonderful yesterday!
  • drewdoeswork78Great game yesterday ponder keep it up
  • linolefanNice win yesterday!
  • craigclarkeHow's your gf?
  • jalisatrippsThis is my first MN winter... Love waking up to the snow too :)
  • cwidingGood job @cpseven. Who is Joe Webb?
  • courtney_j0Love that you are embracing the weather here!! #letitsnow!! :)
  • c_hart34Good job yesterday
  • biancaghezQuite a change from Tallahassee that's for sure
  • vincesimon_@cpseven please share on your twitter. We are trying to fill up XBOX LIVE tournaments to help support hurricane sandy victims. Please check out our site and share it on twitter if you have the time. You've no idea what it would mean to so many people if you decided to take 30 seconds and help us by shouting us out on twitter
  • everettowensWish it was like that down here in Texas Christian
  • iluvdouglas_and_mowgliDo you actually live in minnesota? @cpseven
  • minnesota_viking_loverI wish we had snow in South Carolina
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