• slamonline#mjmondays

  • keithlowerre76Jordan overrated!!!! Stay off the drugs @stustudabaker
  • carlo_24@stustudabaker yea he lost to them but those teams were in their prime when he lost to them.. Name a player that won it by himself.. You can't, and a great example of that is lebron in cleveland. They surrounded him with crap! Lol you can't say Jordan didn't do his part when he dropped 69 at the garden against the celtics.. The pistons made ” the Jordan rules” just to stop him. He might have been a bad teammate and husband, but he was a winner on the court
  • carlo_24@stustudabaker also its not fair to say pippen did that by himself.. They had just finished winning 3 straight titles! That was still a good team with a good coach
  • _ryan@stustudabaker who cares about his personal life. That's not what we're discussing here. Gambling problem? Wife? Since when does this affect how he is ranked as a basketball player? We're not ranking Jordan as a saint here, but as the best player that's ever dominated the game. Your views are entitled obviously, but they're on weak grounds. He was a leader. What, LeBron has stayed loyal to his roots? No. Jordan won the Bulls 6 titles. You can excuse him if he was offered to go elsewhere and he took it. If you want to objectively compare - Google search Jordan vs LeBron statistics. Since LeBron is being flagged as the best player ever, see what the stats say. Jordan is still the all round best player yet.
  • rturner22815See the Jordan Rules…Lebron and these guys couldn't handle it like that
  • buck22jjjlets go bulls
  • heddothreejordy
  • khaled422Good
  • joyful_yutesG.O.A.T
  • ryansedigThis is a good picture of you James. @therealslimjim15
  • blessb_Is he rocking the cradle ?
  • hamesb97Dude, I know. This was back in the day when I could still dunk on coach Lopez @rymanndood
  • ryansedigHahahahaha!!! @therealslimjim15
  • anthonydelasoul@younes5544 I definitely found Anthony
  • bwavy_1Dope . @slamonline .
  • slamonline#slammjmondays
  • evanga@l14a credo abbia un paio di nike ship!
  • slamonline#slammjmondays
  • mabicus@bosborne17 is this the one you showed me this morn or diff? You can check the #slammjmondays tag if you ever want to see all I have already ran
  • bosborne17@mabicus not at all. The one I showed you is rare. Thx!
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