There's nothing more calming and happy than sparkly water // One of my favorite tags as a weekend hashtag!! #whpbluronpurpose
  • annasloweyThere's nothing more calming and happy than sparkly water // One of my favorite tags as a weekend hashtag!! #whpbluronpurpose

  • annaslowey@greek_o awww haha that's wonderful thanks glad you love them. Best wishes to you as well thanks for all the kind comments
  • annasloweyWhy thanks guys! @hotty3455 @xericax @vicky_chrisss
  • annaslowey@elsymay @jonathanb thanks Elsy and Jonathan! glad to hear that it very much have the same effect on me. Floaty and out of focus :) happy Thursday to you both, old friends
  • annaslowey@devincastro thank you thank you Devin! I am so happy we IG met and I have another wonderful soul to follow on rdio too :)
  • annaslowey@erin_love thank you Erin! Thpaaaaaarkly! 💘
  • annaslowey@seyscape thanks Chelsey! Been on any Philly adventures lately?
  • annaslowey@_gabrielflores thank you thank you sir
  • annaslowey@jambry hey thanks Jamey! 👊
  • annaslowey@summerloves yes it's quite hypnotizing especially when you find your eyeballs just losing focus and just staring. I need to be near more water I think. This was on a rare trip to Austin where they have a large lake at least!
  • annaslowey@maxwelldone hey thanks Max!! I always seem to find out about that sort of exciting thing via nice congratulatory texts like yours!! Otherwise the notification monster just seems to eat it right up
  • annaslowey@professorbombay hey thanks Sameer!
  • annaslowey@christina_kennedy !! !!! 😘
  • annaslowey@_janekim thank you Jane!! And you too. So captivating. Very worthy of the larger centerpiece feature :)
  • chelsey.bradyUnfortunately not recently. I've had some things I've been trying to deal with personally before I can go adventuring. Hopefully will be able to soon! Are you coming back anytime soon?
  • annaslowey@seyscape aww sorry to hear that, lady. Hope everything's okay! I'm headed out Tuesday for thanksgiving and @smyjewski's birthday! But he actually moved up north so we will be having northern adventures instead of Philly ones
  • chelsey.bradyOh yes everything is fine! No worries =] I didn't realize @smyjewski had moved. That's a shame bc it would have been nice to go on an adventure with you next time you were here. Hopefully someday though! Happy thanksgiving to you in case I don't get another chance to talk to you before then. And @smyjewski happy early birthday! My son's is next week as well!
  • hihiguanowow!!!!!!!!
  • peexeeigNice Shot🙇
  • annaslowey@noumfone thank you Nou! 😊
  • annaslowey@mayichan 😁😘 thank you May
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