Last night on the kitchen table, tonight in the shopping cart.
  • digthischickLast night on the kitchen table, tonight in the shopping cart.

  • dtmfamMy girls do this too! Usually the hubby and I take two for food and one with 2 sleeping toddlers!
  • makeup_by_michalOMG she cannot be comfortavle
  • jenhiltzBah hahaha. Love it.
  • loislanesfThis girl is tired mama!
  • bakedlaurabeanThis is amazing to me! My little man doesn't sleep anywhere but his bed and the car, and he has to be REALLY tired for that.
  • milkbreadeggshoneyExhausted.
  • luandbooThat's impressive!!!!!
  • happierstillUnreal! Has she given up traditional naps or is this in addition to that?
  • jcundyShe may be going through a growth spurt
  • enurturenatureGrowth spurt! Way to grow ruby!
  • trbholtOh my back hurts just looking at this! XO
  • hazelnigellaThat is seriously tired!
  • itsamytimethis kills me. I see sister can literally sleep anywhere!!
  • minnesotagalWoah! What are you giving her? Wish my son did that!
  • lisa.white.brownleeThat's so far from what my kid would do; I can't even really believe she's serious.
  • mariakstamThat's crazy! Mine won't even fall asleep in my lap if I tried rocking them to sleep. They need a bed or a stroller- and preferably dark and quiet.
  • kiwibrooksMy goodness, my kids would never pass out like this! Only in the car or in bed! 😜
  • jshontzShe must be hitting a big growth spurt! What a love :)
  • annechristAs the kids would say: Totes Adorbs.
  • my3littleducksShe is amazing! Wish mine would sleep like her.
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