This Diana she lost everything & still has a sense of humor she stole my heart!
  • kellyosbourneThis Diana she lost everything & still has a sense of humor she stole my heart!

  • roxygreentophatGo to,Staten island ny....they need your help!!!
  • navybluewinterSending you good wishes, Diana! So sorry for all you've lost. Stay strong! Celebrate Survival!
  • sparkly_unicorn_farts@kellyosbourne girl you're awesome! Truly one of the good ones 👏👍
  • stylebylexThank you for your help I live in belmar it's nice to see so many come together
  • mrs.depuma112114Thank you @kellyosbourne 💓
  • pdotdjemalThank u @kellyosbourne from all of us affected by #sandy. The world needs more ppl like you!
  • maria_flanaganLove that you are wearing a Salvation Army shirt. Best organization out there. Thanks for doing the most good!!
  • planetsalon💜🌎
  • kellymbeasonAgree with@maria_flanagan. Salvation Army is one of the best charities. They don't get enough recognition.
  • iloveavitalKelly honestly a good woman and I rely like her. Shes looking amazing !!!
  • morrisminor1313Kelly looks good dressed down in t-shirt and hoddie.. Looking hot and that smile wow
  • kaykatayu@kellyosbourne people may say trash things bout you but it wont change are who you are and you have a good heart a good soul and beautiful too. Proud to say #IAMAKELLYOSBOURNEFAN
  • gicampos_Se tem problemA?
  • meganwalker18Bless her x
  • julsbroadheadmiller@kellyosbourne Setting an example and showing the world you are not just cameras fashion and fame. Using your Power to share and give- keepin' it real. Totally loving you here in the UT! ❤✨💫
  • loopsylisaI'm from the south shore of Long Island and my fan from the Rockaway area..I Love the person I see you are from TV but you doing this shows the person who you really are..keep being you hunny..That person is beautiful both inside and out
  • x_skurvy_x💕
  • lomariegonzalezI❤💜💕 ur hair color always keep it that way😀
  • romanlorenzoKeep it rolling Diana! Living & Loving that's the beauty of life.
  • mmmbesiAyeeee, reppin' the Salvation Army!!! ☝👮
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