Lookin good, George & Ali!
  • katiecouricLookin good, George & Ali!

  • lillilybetaKatie . They are so good together .
  • cindyharcarAli you look stunning! Eyes were worth the pain huh?
  • juliekay24Great photo! Enjoyed Ali's book. Thanks to all of you for raising awareness and funds for Parkinson's.
  • sparklemama03Lovely
  • jasonbinnThe dream team!
  • rarebluegemThey've got to be very fun and interesting couple to know
  • ktay5dogHow does she ever have time with him he is a workaholic!
  • pitufette" Great couple. She is just the funniest woman ever! Wondering if they have children. These kids would be such assets tp the world between the 2 of them.
  • erika.simplymeOne of my fav celebrity couples. She is too dam funny.
  • sdasimmonsI can see why George fell in love with her- Ali is very down to earth, even sharing her "eye procedure" 😉, very real and not phony like a lot of celebrities. I 💖 Ali and George!!!
  • kdscltYep 2 girls....loved Ali when she was on In Living Color
  • lillilybetaHe is adorable , she is adorable. Good looking couple.
  • marissalovescatssBy George he's adorable #georgestephanopoulos #aliwentworth @gstephanopoulos @katiecouric
  • gbren17I love your wife @gstephanopoulos! She is so so hilarious! ! Never leave her or there will be a long line waiting 4 her!!!
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