He said "THEY CALL ME BIGGIE" he was poppin wheelies
  • theaaronrossHe said "THEY CALL ME BIGGIE" he was poppin wheelies

  • zack_lukeThis kid is awesome :D
  • goldkief@asvp_richaay
  • alan_james28Hi @theaaronross
  • bigjune61916@xjbmx are you really comparing being confused for a lost white kid in the hood looking for dope to what I've been through? How old are you my dude?
  • xjbmx@bigjune61916 Well, no I am not, since I don't know anything about you or your life. I was just letting you know I'm not some kid that grew up in the suburbs, and ignorant to being racially profiled. Also, if it was just confused with being lost, looking for drugs ok. But when I get pulled over and they call a K9 unit to sniff my jeep out, and are asking me to show them my arms, harassing my girlfriends why they are in area and being extremely racist asking if she dates n*****, o could go on for days. As for age I am 25 sir.
  • bigjune61916Wow man! @xjbmx sounds like those are rough times. My bad buddy. Straight O.G. over there. Hardcore level 4. You get profiled as a customer in hopes that you may be soft & flip on someone but being profiled just cause, I mean "JUST CAUSE". That's some real shit. One good thing about you is that you recognize wrong shit. And I never pointed you out by name but you spoke up & tried to address the fact that you aren't racist & people (including myself) can appreciate that. My respects to you & I'm sure Aaron may possibly see it the same way knowing that he comes off as a genuinely good dude.
  • xjbmx@bigjune61916 Haha, well I never said I got my ass beat daily or that I have it rough. Its just disappointing to be so strongly judged. And judging by your seriousness of the topic at this point I'm sure you have had it much worse, and I am sorry if my comments offend. And thank you sir, I just didn't want some dude calling me racist, or a n***** as you strongly put it
  • bigjune61916How can I find you on FB la crazy @thelonewolfb so we can be FB buddies Por Vida? I'll share more novelas with you there.
  • daniel__ramoshahaha^^^
  • hackjob_protegeThat was a fucking pointless conversation.
  • scottveltmanYa'll do wellies?! Hahah
  • scott_hornerManual et
  • realitiesofwar_82@theaaronross lucky he didnt take off with it
  • cameron_davissLemme do a whullie on yo bike
  • mityamityamityamityaХозяин дал прокатиться
  • kevinfor6Kid looks like he might have potential in bmx..he will probobly be good to. @theaaronross
  • frickindarn#tbt with novel sylvester.
  • frickindarn#tbt with Nigel Sylvester.
  • shebelljWhy are these kids so racist that kid is probably awesome.... Why are so many racist people its horrible
  • benbisek👍
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