Inside the houses #statenisland #hurricane #sandy #nyc
  • lookitsevanInside the houses #statenisland #hurricane #sandy #nyc

  • kellybakesWow.
  • marylandauntInsane!! Where is all the help promised by Obama and Bloomberg?? I can't wrap my head around the enormity of the destruction. My prayers are with everyone in the coming days for strength.
  • lookitsevanI don't know @marylandaunt but all I do know is that people need to keep helping like they did today to get these folks back on their feet.
  • courtneynejedlyYep pretty bad! So sad!
  • marylandaunt@evanrummel..There are great people in the East Coast like my family who would do anything to help. I would be there myself if I was not finishing my degree here soon. You all have a lot of people praying for you. I know you have been through a lot but hang in there a little longer!! Keep me updated and I will keep praying : )
  • marylandaunt@evanrummel..forgot to mention I am in Oklahoma for school otherwise I would be volunteering.
  • marylandaunt@evanrummel ...Oklahoma want to help so a man here that decided to fill a U-Haul with donations from his corporation and from all Oklahoma residents and he will drive to the hardest hit areas of New York and New Jersey to help. Oklahoma understands devastation!!
  • lookitsevan@marylandaunt does he need suggestions for drop sites?
  • marylandauntI going to see if I can get ahold of him I saw this on the local news. I need to anyway because I want to volunteer for a couple hours.
  • marylandaunt@evanrummel..the above comment is for you.
  • lookitsevan@marylandaunt so he's all set with drop sites or does he need my contact info?
  • marylandauntGood news I found how to get in contact with him. They have a FB page called "two men one truck on a mission" you can leave message for him. I am going to leave a message right now and tell him you have a list. It got even better. There is a fuel company that made huge donation for supplies.
  • marylandaunt@evanrummel..I cannot get there FB page I am trying if you have the Internet go to google and type in two men one truck and a mission to help hurricane sandy victims. You wi see KFOR news click on it. There is video about what they are doing or if you are on FB friend me. My name is Karen Moore. The guys that are named Jonathan Moore and Robert Norris
  • marylandaunt@evanrummel I got their FB page!! I will tell them about the list you have right now
  • marylandauntThey are going to be not just one but two U-Haul trucks coming filled with everything!! Winter Clothing, Toiletries, diapers, non perishable foods, cleaning supplies etc...people are driving in from all over Oklahoma to donate. Everybody wanted to do this before Thanksgiving!!
  • marylandauntI think you will like these guys they are believe this is a calling to help people.
  • marylandauntIf you would like me to give him your contact info I certainly can
  • marylandauntYou got it...he wants the list..his name is Robert Norris.
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