BIG BOOTY. #runningoutofideas #sip
  • madtrumBIG BOOTY. #runningoutofideas #sip

  • averyp_18you should do a "Mary Poppins gone mad" #sip or a "Disco" themed #sip. first things that popped into my head. sorry if they suck.
  • averyp_18just noticed the newsies jacket. Love! 💚
  • gorg_fansieTotally LOVING the Newdies jacket! GORG as always
  • callanjbTrain wrecks!
  • ripnewsiesLovin the newsies jacket!!!
  • kovermeShe got a donk!
  • barrettweedYOUR FACE LOL.
  • prestontay18@madtrum I saw you as Mary Poppins tonight (I was the crazy theatre nerd dressed up as Bert) and I just wanted to tell you how amazing you are! I saw Mary Poppins last year on Broadway and you exceeded my expectations!! So glad I was able to see you perform tonight! 😊
  • madtrum@prestontay18 Thanks for coming! Good to meet you! And good luck with the college auditions!
  • tylermacjonesWow you know what I like
  • we_love_madtrum@madtrum you could do a Mean Girls #sip! Like get four candy canes or something and take a picture of yourself giving them to someone and be like "FOUR FOR YOU, GLEN COCO! YOU GO GLEN COCO!"
  • jnalsop@madtrum is that Chris Stevens? :)
  • tylermacjonesLOVE the mean girls suggestion
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