Out here. #bikesoverbaghdad
  • bkachinskyOut here. #bikesoverbaghdad

  • andrewfta@bkachinsky I sincerely appreciate you and all of the other riders involved with #bikesoverbaghdad . I deployed to Iraq 3 times, but never got the chance to see you guys out there, as I was always stuck on some shitty remote outpost. Thanks man.
  • chadkagyThanks @andrewfta for your hard work. Hope you come to one of our shows soon.
  • andrewfta@chadkagy it's much more likely that I'll see you guys shredding around Austin, haha. I'm out of the Army now.
  • bkachinsky@andrewfta cheers Andrew! Thanks for your service and kind words. Hope to ride with you sometime.
  • andrewfta@bkachinsky should you guys ever need a photographer to head out there with you guys, it would be my pleasure! Also if you're ever in Austin, I'd be psyched to get a chance to shoot some photos and ride with you!
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