Anyone grow up with this Tappan?
  • tedrAnyone grow up with this Tappan?

  • ngunnWow Molly, you weren't kidding!
  • danknapp1@tedr @maudella I think a retro house warming may be in order. I will go as an in-the-closet male chauvinist with an overcompensating yearning to find appreciation from both sexes. Dressed impeccably of course.
  • saccaGee willikers. That thing's swell.
  • jafonhakkinenMoving?
  • arenaFrito casserole
  • tedr@jafonhakkinen yes! Finally committing to San Francisco real estate ;) it's the place immediately next to where we've been living.
  • tedr@maudella I wonder if Molly will let us keep the oven ;)
  • jafonhakkinenRadical! Love that neighborhood.
  • tedr@danknapp1 deal. I will go as a charming but pathetic cuckold that pretends he don't know @mollygolightly is sleeping with the gardener, even though everyone actually knows.
  • maudellaYou have to keep the oven, and there's got to be a little individual ashtrays by each plate at all dinner parties
  • benvenadiBig Like for these comments. Congrats on the new place!
  • johncurleyperfect for Mock Apple Pie
  • anderspAwesome! Congratulations - the decades are not aligning, but the retro housewarming party that u and Dan have dreamed up sounds a bit like a Threes Company episode, I will stop by on my way home from the Regal Begal with my flavor of the week and introduce her to you as my secretary.
  • amylolaCongrats, @tedr & @mollygolightly! I'll bring skewered appetizers.
  • mollybloomstyleDecision: We're keeping this kitchen intact for mid-century dinner parties and building an entirely new kitchen where we'll actually cook the food.
  • gromitgirlCongrats! Make sure they pay for your sidewalk repairs before you move in. Are you one more house up the hill or down?
  • tedr@andersp promise!
  • tedr@gromitgirl heh! That's one of the closing terms ;)
  • juliedCongrats guys! Very exciting.
  • tedr@julied thx!
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