The Broncos have landed in Charlotte #BroncosRoadTrip
  • broncosThe Broncos have landed in Charlotte #BroncosRoadTrip

  • johnshaft44LETS GO LETS GO
  • mary_blue7Omh where in Charlotte :)
  • michael_cadenWe just landed to we traveled from Los Angeles to see the Broncos best the Panthers! #broncoscountry travels!!
  • samiam4968Go get um!! I'm going to the game in KC! Can't wait! Look for the crazy fans from Texas
  • flyboicraine_27Got my tickets yesterday!! Going to Charlotte early!
  • daddyoftwoboysI've been waiting for the Broncos to come here to Charlotte. Can't wait for Sunday! Go Broncos!
  • srmoncada88Would make my dream come true to see a Bronco game in person you people are blessed especially in Colorado mile high to see them rush out on the field GO BRONCOS!!!!
  • zaachcadGo broncos!!
  • korttneyjoCome on broncos! Get that W
  • chronic_j_queenGo Broncos! I can't wait for Sunday! Von Miller is going to eat Cam for lunch! #MillerMunchies
  • heatherfoodiedutysiemsGo Broncos!!!!!
  • gilx87Are we wearing white this week? I know how the Panthers like to wear white at home sometimes.
  • jsonpinto19Where is the aisle?
  • brennanrussoIs that Chris Kirchner's head I see? He's the leader of that team for sure!
  • roadk1ng06thats an awesome way to fly lets go broncos
  • lewissteWhens da Broncos team gonna wear da throwback jerseyz frm da '80s ?? Just askn . Go Broncos !!!
  • sperte58Lets go broncos!
  • bob_da_bowlerFlew down from Maryland to come watch my boys play on Sunday! #broncosroadtrip
  • rikmonrealNo throwback Jerseys this year, hopefully next year!
  • zackwolf30Cool
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