Handing out clothes to #Newark residents impacted by #Sandy thanks to generous donation from @TommyHilfiger
  • corybookerHanding out clothes to #Newark residents impacted by #Sandy thanks to generous donation from @TommyHilfiger

  • luxnelle💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
  • wander_lexCory what else do we need besides clothes? Cleaning supplies? Food?
  • nunu1975So lovin me some u Mr. Booker!!
  • blasianbarbie👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
  • cyndewatsonAmazing Mayor
  • n_thenowYou are an incredible humanitarian
  • wildflowersinwinterMy mayor rocks @corybooker and thank you to @amandawormann drive safely, thanks for caring
  • ur1nonly90God Bless u and all NYers!
  • equalityspudGet ready @corybooker 4 trucks & vans filled w/ supplies coming from RI
  • ur1nonly90NJy
  • tanlyntwyLooking good, I think you should come be the mayor of Canada
  • jasonbinnU r the best
  • carolinagirlieYour efforts are beyond amazing! 💐💐. Stay blessed.
  • bornfortunateI think you should really take out the time to view me and my fiance's non profit organization on Facebook , The Outreach and Uplift Foundation, Inc . We have similar goals with helping people , and I believe we can help you in your efforts .
  • bornfortunateOur anspirations are similar to yours when you joined #BBBS , and we see ourselves helping with minorities and those living in low income areas as well . Visit us at Facebook.com/OandUF
  • mra0154I'm so upset with the police cuts in Newark. I was car jacked right in front of my house. Cory you need to do something! More cops ASAP!! And I still don't have my car!
  • ccazeau@corybooker you are one man making a big difference. Thank You.
  • septsept7@tommyHilfiger never wanted black people to wear his design #changeofheart
  • septsept7@ Corybooker
  • septsept7His exact words where " if I knew black people would wear my deign, I wouldn't made it" @tommyhilfiger
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