The John Wooden statue outside #NewPauley is going on lockdown for rivalry week.
  • uclaathleticsThe John Wooden statue outside #NewPauley is going on lockdown for rivalry week.

  • michelewoodsWait until after the basketball game!!!! Please!!!!💙💛🐻
  • krusedebThat is why it should be inside.
  • xfactorGood! Better be! I hate USC those fools will do anything to have a reason to hang out in Westwood. Beats the ghetto!
  • johnny_absinthe@marsupial_kate @vintagegalmirren
  • kitkatt19After guarding wooden for two nights in a row, I'm glad our job has gotten a little easier
  • sneaks_23All hell would break loose if they would even think of touching wooden
  • nicolas_albertoIs the top of this box covered?
  • ryan_saikGood idea this Trojans are crazy!!!
  • eamayoHell, cover New Pauley while you're at it! F*ckn Trojans are a bunch of haters...
  • jdlasterYes the top of the box is covered don't worry
  • thekevinwayThe Trojans touching wooden would be tantamount to having a classless demeanor
  • jackson.parksGood thing they covered it if some one touched wooden a nuclear war wood start
  • dabruinI was hoping to see it & pay my respects as I made the trip down from NorCal for the USC game but I'm glad they are protecting it. Just means I'll have to make the trip again.
  • uclaathletics@apdodgers1527 Not to worry - the bear statue has been in hibernation since at least last week
  • uclaathletics@kitkatt19 Thanks for your help in keeping the statue safe!
  • lovelbcGood.. keep it covered they already vandalized the UCLA sign facing the street don't need them to do write on sir Wooden..
  • justin.taub@chazz_scott oh ya
  • rickwaldronOur Tommy Trojan.
  • _shelovemy_flexSup instagram people cause some trouble
  • _shelovemy_flexFind my picture you goin see me wit no shirt showmen all ABS and packs
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